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Expansion joints systems designs can be broadly described as below:

Thermoplastic seal system(under 3R-series)

A. Architectural modular exansion joint system:

3R supply and installs all types of modular architectural expansion joint systems ranging from a gap width 12mm to 500 mm under 3R series with colores seals which may be a recessed or surface mount application with excellent compatibility with ceramic tiles,marbles,stone, vinyl tile and carpet finishes for floor, walls and ceiling applications.

Features and benefits:

1.    Flush easy clean surface without dirt traps or channels to collect water and debris.
2.    Seals is thermoplastic, the main seal body is highly flexible allowing upp to 200% elongation before break.
3.    Support plate provides additionnal support to the seal for use under heavy traffic.
4.    Frame is produced from 6063-T6 aluminum and incorporate a frame channel.
5.    Frame bases are extra wide to ensure that fasteners are sufficiently distant from structural joint edges.
6.    Frame bases are also extruded with crenellations to ensure a firm grip to infill beddig or screed materials.

System configuration:

1.    Frame
2.    Seal
3.    Support plate

B. Structural modular expansion joint systems:

3R Supply and install all types of strural expansion joint system under 3R series to cope up with seismic horizontal, vertical and shear movement hiving 3-5mm aluminum center plate mill finish with grade 6063 T6 and central swivel plate for a gap width of 75mm to 500mm having a centering bar ideal for use in environment such as airport mass transit system, high load vehicles, and compatible with hard floor finishes , granite marbles ceramic and concrete. The system can accommodate loading from 15 kN depending on the joint width, vapour barrier can be added as per the joint requirement.

Features and Benefits:

1.     Frame is extruded from 6063-T6 aluminum. Multile frame heights suit a variety of blockout or finish depths         for floor, wall or ceiling.
2.     Floor frames incorporate a channel to accept a vapor barries to be used as an additional layer of protection         against penetration of water (optional).
3.     Frame is a single extruded component to simplify installation.
4.     Standard system.
5.     Standard frame is grooved for slip resistance.
6.     Plate is contoured to glide effortlessly between the frames.
7.     Idea for seismic application.

System configuration:

1.    Frame
2.    Seal
3.    Water barrier membrance

C. Heavy duty Seismic joint:

3R supply and installs heavy duty modular seismic floor joint system for gap width upto 500mm with heavy duty 5-6mm thick aluminium plate having a centering bar positions directly over the strctural gap to accommodate full seismic movement. The joint can withstand heavy duty load upto 70kN depending on the joint width. Ideal for use with hard floor finishes,granite, marbles,ceramic and concreate. Vapour barrier can be used as per the joint position.

Features and Benefits:

1.    Frame is extruded from 6063-T6 aluminum heavy-duty frames are extruded.
2.    Ideal for seismic application up to +100%.
3.    Centering bar locates plate in a center position over joint opening and         also allows easy for joint inspection and maintenance.
4.    Plate can be provide in aluminum, or stainless steel to meet load or architectural requirement.
5.    Multiple configuration availabe for a variety of surface of surface finishes.
6.    Optional spring loaded system for use with vinyl and carpet finished so they can be laid under the enter plate reducing the joint sightline.

System configuration:

1.    Frame
2.    Seal
2.    Center Bar
3.    Water barrier membrance

D. Movement control joints:

3R manufacture supply and install at site the movement control joints which are small joints designed to be installed between finishes to absorb localized stresses. Such ttresses can arise from drying shrinkage, theermal gradients, change in substrate depths and localized condition and normally do not exceed+/- 1mm of movement.

Ideal application for industrial flooring and large floor to form flooring modules into discrete bays, each of which is isolated from adjoining bay by the intervening movement control joint. This createa 'continents' of finishes that are able move without affecting aboutting bags.

E. Seals and membrance:

3R manufactures, supply and install at site UHF cured EPDM rubber profiles, seal membeanc as per the BS 4255 standard specification apart from PVC coloured joint seal of choice for floor, walls and ceiling applications in gap width ranging from 25mm to 100mm including the architectural and heavy duty joint seals for bridges and where medium heavy load iss anticipated.

F. 3R100Compression Seals:

3R 100 Compression Seals Systems is One of the most faveored products of the architects and consultants because of it's versatile application and higher specification. It is an EVA based PU bonded compression seal with high degree flexibility and water resistence power it comes with 3mm grooves on both the side of the seal for better bonding with the surface. It is one of the most advance expansion joint system adopted world wide, it has practically eliminated the need of polusulphide sealants in expansion joint. It is available in various densities depending upon the areas of application and loading requirements it is a paintable system thus camouflage with a surface. 3R100 can be used on all internal,external,horizontal,Ceiling area's upto joint width of 100mm it is very suitable for all landscape, hard scape, basement, vertical wall, horizontal surface,matching the floor finish with smooth transition. It is avaailable in standard colours with 20 meter lenght.


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