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Structural And Non Structural Repairs

Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd. undertakes projects for execution and offers a wide range of solutions for repair ,renovation and retrofitting of all civil engineering structures in diverse segments of the industry such as:

Dams and tunnels repairs

Over head ( ESR ) & Underground watertanks

Industrial silos

Cement manufacturing units

Transmission foundations.

Hospital buildings

Water supply and sewerage plants.

Road and bridge repair

Nuclear power plants

Cooling towers

Heavy Engineering foundations


Fire damaged structures

Commercial ,residential ,industrial repairs.

Fiber reinforced Polymers Systems which includes

Glass and carbon fiber wrapping system

Carbon fiber laminates

Injection grouting systems

Cementitious and microfine cementitious injection

Polyurethane injection systems for arresting active water leakages

Epoxy injection systems for cracks repair

Siliconate based injection systems

Jacketing methodology for columns and beams

Jacketing – using micro concrete

Steel plate bonding

Guniting and shortcretingof basement and tunnel lining.

Jacketing – using micro concrete

Non structural repairs - General patch repair works for old housing societies ,old residential & commercial buildings - which includes

Anchoring & re-baring
Cathodic protection of re-bars
bonding agents
structural grade polymer mortars
curing compounds.


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