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Water Proofing

Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd.undertakes all kind of waterproofing projects in wide area of application and offer wide range of waterproofing solutions to the construction industry.

Our offering for waterproofing system ; we offer wide range of customized waterproofing solution suitable to your budget and requirement staring with economical range , standard range , and premium and high end range of waterproofing solutions for wide range of application and various segments of the industry.

Elastomeric SBR and Acrylic based water proofing

Modified bituminous based membrane system.

EPDM based membrane systems

Nano technology based waterproofing systems

APP bitumen membranes waterproofing system

Polymer modified coatings

PVC and TPO based membrane systems

Polyurea based water proofing systems

Crystalline based waterproofing technology

Cold applied bitumen emulsions

The common area of application for waterproofing in structure successfully executed by the company are :

Sunken portion
Water Bodies
Roof terrace gardens Wet Areas
Swimming Pools


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